Aartifical Man (Poem)

When i feel alone

Ever your memmorey were came & dance in my eyes that the last movement.

If i was alone ?

A coner of heart were wants to meet with you.

Sitting by site & site Talking with you.sweet, sweetly.

About the life spend dream you & me.

Then how can i forget you ?

Your smiling lip?

Your happy face?

Oh! i fall in your love.

Phrapes i die alive alone, alone…..!

i know its welly.

OH !you are urgent man.

& have a urgent official ability work.

So,u can’t get a chance of time

Say me good bye .before flying Australia.

But,at that time also,u can’t Abel to forget me.

Wow ! You are like a artifical man.

So,that when my heart’s stard to pain.

I try to remmember to much u.

U are my medicine.

U are my energey.

U are my heart understood person.

When i image with u at the bore time?

A force of effort were pull to me & give a sure certain force.

In my body of the muscal.

To,stand stadely in my way. U always give me a positive thought.

To walk in a right way.

So,i thought that a couple of time.

I hasn’t image without u .

Oh!my mother land?

I’m not talking about love peach& cruel getting heart.

But, i am just talking about Artifical man.

Belbari-11, Laxmimarga.(Morang)

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