Four Conditions of Corona Virus for Ceasefire 

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After the World War between the man and the Corona virus (COVID-19) sparked, man has proposed a ceasefire with Corona. Corona has laid down four conditions for the ceasefire. A brief summary of the talks between Man and Corona is given here.)  Man: Namaskar, from afar, Corona sir.

Corona: Namaskar.

…    …    …

Man: Now I would like to request you for immediate ceasefire, Corona sir?

Corona: First, create the perfect environment for the ceasefire! OK.

…    …    …

Man: What can we do for making such a perfect environment, sir?

Corona: You see, I am behaving you all without any discrimination. If you can create such environment where everyone can feel such equality and equity in the society, you can claim that you are able to create such perfect environment for the ceasefire.

…    …    …

Man: What are such discriminations that we have made, sir?

Corona: Mmm…, don’t you realize such discriminations even today? If that is the case then do not talk about the ceasefire until you realize it.

…    …    …

Man: No you don’t say that, sir. We have been facing too worse condition these days.

Corona: Mmm… how can you justify your claim that you are facing such worse condition?

…    …    …

Man: Many of us have lost our lives and have been struggling with hunger.

Corona: Oh ! no one was dead until I went on a world tour? No one was hungry? People die a lot because of me or you? You are very hungry because of me or you? Still speaking such prejudices and lies? How do such lies create an environment for ceasefire? Be ready to uncover the truth first. And talk about the ceasefire. I have yet to reach some countries. Then let’s talk more.

…    …    …

Man: No, no sir. Again it will be difficult to contact you. Instead, if you were to state what you were trying to say a little more clearly, I would talk to my friend to create the favorable environment for the ceasefire. Recently you could have rest. You could have canceled your trip to the rest of the country.

Corona: I would say something in a formulaic way. But you do the opposite what you say. Then how do I trust you?

…    …    …

Man: No, sir. We will no longer be that way. Now, we are very conscious. We had never even imagined before this time that you also existed in this world enjoying such great power. We were shocked when you started visiting the world demonstrating your hidden power. Today, we know that you are also very powerful in this world. Knowing this, we are now ready to accept your conditions, sir. We will never do such an opposite thing, sir. Instead, I hope you could state whatever conditions we must follow for making the ceasefire possible.

Corona: Are you really ready to fulfill the conditions that I state? What can I do if you don’t fulfill the conditions?

…    …    …

Man: Sure sir. We will execute, sir. There is no doubt in implementing the proposed conditions. If we don’t do so, you can do whatever you like.

Corona: Yeah. If you are really ready to execute, I will place some conditions in the first step. And if you fulfill them, I will talk more about the rest. Ok?

…    …    …

Man: Of course, sir.

Corona: If so, listen to the four conditions more carefully one by one. One, you know well that only a handful people have captured most of the resources and property that exist in the world. You also know that all the people in the world have equal right in using those resources and property. However, only a few people have been using the resources and property making the majority of the people hungry. As a result majority of the people have been dying every day due to the lack of necessary food and shelter. When will you end such a worse situation addressing the serious problem faced by mainly the poor people in the world? You must be present at the next meeting along with the date you decide to implement. Two, you know the fact that there are only two castes of human being in the world i.e., man and woman. However, you discriminate each other in the name of this or that caste or color rejecting this ground reality. You must guarantee that you will not hesitate or dispute or fight each other in the name of different colors or castes. At the next meeting, you must submit a written document of the decision that will guarantee no discrimination will be there between the human being in the name of this or that caste or color, apart from the natural duties and responsibilities of the man and woman as determined by the nature itself. Three, although there are two castes of human being, i.e., man and woman, you know very well that there is only one God in the world who is being accepted as a spiritual power. But I am so sorry to observe one of the uglier scenes that you hate each other in the name of this or that God naming the God as Krishna or Christian or Allah or so on. You know the fact that a single object can have thousands of names due to the existence of thousands of languages ​​in the world. For example, some of you call PAANI, some say JAL that indicate single thing ‘water’. Thus, by understanding the fact that the same object has different names according to the language, you are trying to finish each other by giving different names to the single thing ‘God’. And when I go out on a world tour, you shout worldwide against me, as if I were the only one who destroyed your existence. And how can I tolerate such a meaningless blame being blind such ugly scenes of killing each other in the name of this or that religion that you have been demonstrating every day in the different parts of the world? Therefore, you must submit the original copy of the decision, with the commitment to immediately stop such ugly activities being happened everywhere in the name of the God giving this or that name to the single God. Four, you are brutally killing the natural heritage of your shared home, the earth, polluting everywhere. You do not seem sensitive to the conservation of other animals, plants and natural beauty of the earth other than humans. You know, although you have closed the world these days due to my fear, you see how clean and appealing is the atmosphere in the world. You can fight against me for a few days or a few months more following this strategy. But if I decide to travel the world whole year or more than that, how long can you stay that way for a long time being locked in your home? Who can supply you essential food in your home? Have you ever considered? In such a case, you need to surrender with nature and you should enjoy working hard in the field to cultivate your life-sustaining food. Then, how do you think polluting the world much more that is closely linked with your own existence? How can you destroy the heart of the nature? Are you now ready to prevent such an extreme tide of nature? If so, please submit the decision made by you at the next meeting regarding this very burning issue. Then I will be ready to talk to you about the ceasefire. Once again, listen to me carefully opening your ears that if you really want to make a ceasefire meaningful and decisive, fulfill these four conditions with a commitment. And let’s set a ceasefire date and talk the rest.

…    …    …

Man: OK sir. I will be in touch with you again after I discuss these four conditions with my friends. Thank you. Namaskar.

Corona: Yeah. I’m also in a hurry. Bye now.

…    …    …

(At a time when the world is being attacked by Corona, this material has been created in a fictional way.)

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